Grupo de Diálogo Interreligioso de Londrina

Working to end religious intolerance in Londrina, Brazil
Promoting peace among religions and religious freedom.
Number of Members
Londrina, Parana, Brazil
Joined URI Network

Grupo de Diálogo Interreligioso de Londrina is formed by members with very diverse belief systems. They come together to share religious differences in service to others, seeking peace and respect for differences, and looking for common values that lead them to unity. Since its creation, this group has had bi-monthly meetings; discussions about common values of the different faiths; actions in support of combating the dengue mosquito such as informative materials and free repellent distribution; public events to defend religious freedom; promotion of the awareness of respect for religious diversity and peace among the different faiths in radio broadcasting media; religious book fairs; distribution of food and hygiene products for vulnerable people in their city; and other important activities. They are also interested in traveling to landscapes or places where the kind of information and social assistance they do for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has not arrived, and to achieve steady groups to help disadvantaged women to overcome and manage their suffering and low esteem because of emotional violence.

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