The Hope Flowers School

Developing attitudes and skills that foster peaceful resolutions to conflict
“Our purpose is to educate a new generation on peace and democracy so that we find and strengthen positive attitudes for peaceful coexistence among different nations as the basis of equality and justice.”
Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Number of Members
Bethlehem, West Bank (Via Israel), Israel
Joined URI Network

The Hope Flowers School Cooperation Circle (CC) is a group formed through the common activities they perform at the Hope Flowers School. Through the School, CC members bring people together from different places, faiths, nationalities and from different cultures to work together on issues of joint interest and to unite in one culture of peace, justice and equality. They work to fulfill the United Religions Initiative purpose and principles by promoting these principles in their community and their work. Hope Flowers School offers inter- and intra-cultural understanding classes taught by both Christian and Muslim teachers, long-standing programs of bridge-building with Israelis, peace education and joint activities with schools outside of Palestine. Additionally, they develop attitudes and skills that foster peaceful resolutions to conflict. At the same time, they seek to cultivate values within the Palestinian society, relationships between Palestinian children and other cultures as a basis for creating understanding among peoples in the world and among nations.

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