Initiative for a Positive Future-Togo (IPF-Togo)

Empowered People who work for peace, prosperity and freedom
"Our purpose is to prevent conflict and build peace, security and nonviolence throughout the world; this will be done through research, training and interventions."
Indigenous, Earth Based, Christianity, Islam
Traditional Believer, Animist
Number of Members
Western Africa
Togo, Togo
Joined URI Network

Primarily, Initiative for a Positive Future Togo (IPF-Togo) is a local NGO registered with the government of Togo. Their activities are mainly focused on child wellbeing and education, youth development and people’s empowerment. They empower poor families, young people and communities through teaching and community projects in South West Togo. Their hope and future plan is to change the name of their actual group to a new denomination as a separate NGO with the unique purpose of promoting interfaith dialogue and peace education taking in consideration people’s needs in the country of Togo.

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