Integrated Community Resilient and Development Organization

Community-based care for marginalized groups
"Our purpose is to promote community transformation through education, health services, human rights and environmental protection."
Christianity, Islam
Seventh Day Adventist, Protestant, Catholic
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Pallisa, Uganda
Joined URI Network

ICORD is a registered non-profit organization based in Pallisa, Uganda which has been instrumental in community development in the Bukedi sub-region. The group provides innovative support to improve the quality of life and sustainable livelihoods of poor and vulnerable communities in order to stimulate local development for sustainable futures as well as developing harmonious relations among people of different backgrounds and cultures.
ICORD’s mission is to promote community transformation for self-sustaining growth through education, health services, human rights, good governance, and environmental protection. Its programs focus on research and policy advocacy, good governance and human rights, community development, disaster risk reduction, livelihoods and environmental protection. Its approach emphasizes community based care for marginalized groups. Their group values societal vision and mission, with clear and accountable systems and structures, honesty, practices transparency, and high integrity, justice, and solidarity and affirmation of the dignity of all.


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