Integration of Africans into Society

Developing an increased level of understanding about the importance of intercultural dialogue for peace building.
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We promote dialogue and tolerance among different multicultural and interfaith communities for peace building and conflict resolution, especially with the persons escaping from War.
Christianity, Indigenous, Islam, Judaism
Sufi, Sunni
Number of Members
North Africa
Kenitra, Morocco
Joined URI Network

Integration of Africans into Society desires to impact community behaviors and attitude by building respect and recognizing other´s rights to be different. Members hope that participants of their capacity building workshops, conferences, training., Awareness Campaigns (Social marketing, social media )are positively changed and see themselves “all equal but different”. With the aim of an Increased cooperation and partnership among people of different faiths Integration of Africans into Society fosters tolerance and intercultural understanding, fights against hate speech online, promotes human rights and community engagement .
Members attend a number of conferences that bring Arabs and Israelis to work collaboratively to achieve peace in Middle East, like peace and economic cooperation in Germany and they are active in Euro-Arab and Euro-med intercultural exchanges and dialogue. Some of the members of Integration of Africans into Society are part of Yala , Young Leaders initiative that brings young Arabs and Israelis to work collaboratively on social medias and information technology on projects such as online academy, musicians online, sport activities, cultural truism. They also organize film festivals on peaceful themes

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