Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia

Joining hands and hearts around common interests
"Our purpose is to serve the council members represented by the religious institutions in Ethiopia, by supporting them in freely practicing their faiths and thereby protecting their constitutional rights. We want to promote inter-religious harmony in Ethiopia."
Christianity, Islam
Seventh Day Adventist, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo, Catholic, Evangelical
Number of Members
Horn & Other
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Joined URI Network

The Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia was established in 2010. It was certified by the Ministry of Federal Affairs of Ethiopia, and is represented at the federal, regional and district levels. Their goal is to join hands and hearts around common interests at the national and sovereign level. They also want to develop their internal capacity, conduct advocacy workshops and implement various projects. Their vision in Ethiopia is to develop religious freedom and equality based on peace, love and tolerance, which will be mutually beneficial to all.

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