Interfaith Youth Council

Proper understanding, respect and unity among the youth from different religious backgrounds
"Our purpose is to play a vital role in grassroots peace-building that is properly mobilized to eventually break the cycle of violence in our city Iligan City and the two provinces of Lanao."
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Iligan City, Philippines
Joined URI Network

Iligan City and Lanao del Norte—where this Cooperation Circle (CC) is based and where all members reside—have been hotspots for conflict that is manipulated by many quarters to appear religious. A number of massacres and violent incidents have taken place in Iligan. At present, there is an urgent call to take part in preventing hostilities spurred by “interested” parties for their own selfish motives. Lanao is in central Mindanao and is one of the conflict-laden areas in troubled Mindanao. In this context, CC members encourage proper understanding, respect and unity among the youth from different religious backgrounds. Their dream is to make a difference in the world by creating a community wherein peace and harmonious relationships and caring for each other reign in the hearts of the youth of various faiths. One of the activities this CC partook in was "The Tower Building" project that measured patience, cooperation, unity and harmonious relationships among the youth from different religions. They also organized a Youth Conference on Interfaith Grassroots Peace-building. Among the highlights of this group includes the participation in the Lanao Month of Peace with the “Poster Making Contest" and "Essay Writing Contest.”

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