Interlevensbeschouwelijke Werkgroep Gent

Better understanding of different convictions, faiths, rituals and practices in the city of Ghent
"We are a grassroots workgroup of people with different faiths and convictions in a multicultural city that wishes to bring about a positive change in the societal climate. Based on the spiritual power of personal convictions, we want to enlarge the possibility of respectful co-existence."
Atheist, Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Nontheist, Buddhist
Number of Members
Gent, Belgium
Joined URI Network

Interfaith Working Group of Ghent is a free space of interreligious and interconvictional encounters allowing greater personal, spiritual and societal understanding. A grassroots working group of 14 people from Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Baha’i and non-affiliated backgrounds, this Cooperation Circle (CC) is located in a multicultural city wishing to bring a positive change to local society. Based on the spiritual power of personal convictions, the working group wants to grow the possibility of respectful co-existence. The group has been involved in interfaith activities for more than 15 years, holding more than 25 film screenings and organizing excursions to Turkey, Israel and Spain. The group has also co-organized more than 15 gatherings, debates and lectures, along with interreligious reading groups among other activities. They want to create better tolerance and education of the different religious and convictional faiths, rituals and practices that are present within the city of Ghent. As such they want to promote a more respectful and peaceful co-existence. In the future, they plan to organize debates, read holy books and visit Antwerp to get familiar with interreligious life.


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