LOTUS Center for All Faiths

“Truth is One, Paths are Many.”
Its mission is to promote world peace and interfaith harmony through a greater understanding of the unity underlying the diversity of spiritual paths.
Christianity, Hinduism, Shinto
Number of Members
United States
Buckingham, VA, United States of America
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The Lotus Center for World Faiths (LCAF) was founded in 1996 by Sri Swami Satchidananda to share the message of LOTUS: “Truth is one, paths are many.” LOTUS Center for All Faiths is the interfaith outreach arm of the shrine. Since 1996, LCAF has organized many interfaith events and programs at Yogaville and has participated in several interfaith conferences in the USA and Canada. At the moment members are focused on: Preparing a new edition of the LOTUS prayer book (original edition had gone out of print), compiling a sacred music CD with ritual music from the different faiths, planning for an interfaith retreat focused on helping interfaith activists re-ground in their own traditions and refresh for the long haul, and planning an annual Interfaith service and panel discussion on the theme of Caring for Creation.


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