Love Your Neighbor

Together we can make a difference
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To promote love among neighbors, locally and internationally, with a special focus on the Holy Land.
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Oakland, CA, United States of America
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Love Your Neighbor is a movement to inspire peace, love, and unity. It is an opportunity to get together with neighbors and celebrate the uniqueness of all cultures. The differences, and also what they have in common. Love Your Neighbor days are scheduled to give members the opportunity to get to know and appreciate each other. A chance to meet, greet, and eat with neighbors, wherever they are. Members in Love Your Neighbor share far and wide, and invite as many people as possible to join, they help bring unity to your community. They believe that together we can make a difference. Among their highlights is the distribution of " Love Your Neighbor" pinback buttons and masks, in the US, Nigeria, and Israel. Their vision for the future is love. Love each other and everything around. They want to continue making buttons with “Love Your Neighbor” printed on them not for the buttons themselves, but as a means to get the message out and make sure that people are being reminded of the message all the time. Their group is close but they are looking to expand with other, new members as well.

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