Mangochi Central West

Creating unity and cohesion where there is separation
"Our purpose is to ensure peace, joy and harmony within the people of interreligious denomination."
Indigenous, Islam, Christianity
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Mangochi,, Malawi
Joined URI Network

Although there is very little interfaith conflict in Malawi, there exists a separation between religious groups. Mangochi Central West Cooperation Circle (CC) aims to build on the peace, by creating unity and cohesion where there is separation. Peace, for them, is not just the absence of conflict. They have a vision of creating peace, love and harmony between all people of different religions and tribes. For this they need cooperation, a collective spirit and common purpose. The people of Mangochi Central West are very modest with unemployment sitting at around seventy percent. With resources being so limited, they have become highly creative about how to raise funds and then how to stretch those funds to get optimal benefit from them. Doing maintenance jobs at various places of worship using the skills of group members is one of their initiatives. The group is highly organized, committed and passionate about their country, their lives and their future. They present a united front. They are clear about their needs – education and information. To empower the state of women in Malawi, this CC ensures their active roles as part of the organization and requires at least five board positions to be held by women. Members want their children to be able to progress and to grow up seeing their parents being active healthy citizens.


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