Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee

We build meaningful relationships among all faiths to stand against hate through shared values and social action.
The Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee is a grassroots organization guided by Muslim and Jewish values of peace שָׁלוֹם سلام, learning علم‎‎ יֶדַע, and charity زكاة‎‎ צדקה.
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United States
New York, NY, United States of America
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Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee started as Muslim and Jewish. Then Christians joined the cause, as did other faith communities, which led to a change of the committee’s language and mission that expanded beyond the realm of just serving Muslims and Jews to serving various faith, cultural, LGBTQ, and underserved communities. All Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee programming is carefully planned and implemented to be highly inclusive, engaging, and interactive, with the goal of developing deep interpersonal relationships with one another that catalyze culture change. Members seek to inspire transformations and reflections that shift perspectives, shed light on harmful myths, and spur catharsis. By providing a comprehensive variety of program options, they truly have something for everyone. They believe that it is impossible to attend an MJSC event without getting lost in the moment. They call it “the MJSC experience.” They love building and nurturing sustainable partnerships with other organizations and community groups to expand their social impact footprint. Members thrive in transforming the normalized cycle of fear and violence into love and justice. They believe in solidarity as a pro-active lifestyle, not only a reactive solution. They understand that they shouldn’t just preach to the choir, but open their spaces and ears to friends, coworkers, families, and neighbors who may not share the same experiences. Their programs invite all people to venture outside their comfort zones, dispel their fears, dismantle their own prejudices, and then tackle inequalities together. Participants join in building a community where interfaith activities aren’t just an unusual one-time gathering, but an ongoing, integral part of everyone’s daily lives. They encourage curiosity, self-criticism, and education for social transformation. Solidarity is not an ideal or an end-goal. It is the beginning of a massive and substantive change in the way we think about ourselves and each other.


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