for Peace and a Healthy Planet

MAPS protects the rapidly-vanishing ice of the Arctic Ocean that keeps our planet cool and weather stable.
Our purpose is a peaceful and healthy world, beginning with the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary MAPS
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Facing an unprecedented planetary catastrophe, members of Parvati Org are called to innovate exceptional methods to ensure the planet, and all life on it, is safe. They are harnessing the exponential power of modern media to penetrate, permeate and pervade global awareness with the urgent need to protect the sea ice for all life on Earth. Members believe that it is essential to deliver strategic educational content and consistent messaging in new and inspiring ways. They do this by captivating the imagination of people around the globe with a constant stream of highly visible, engaging content that urges the immediate protection of the Arctic Ocean for the sake of all life. Their plan reaches diverse cultures and interests and builds trust, which accelerates demand for the critically-needed intervention. Their aim is to powerfully awaken an inner call to action within the hearts of humanity, in the general public and in our world leaders, through MAPS. MAPS ensures continued protection of the Arctic Ocean’s living resources from all of these risks and ensures Arctic seabed reserves remain protected from those seeking to exploit them at the expense of the climate stability of the entire planet. MAPS therefore sets the world on an irreversible path towards clean energy, uniting world leaders in the understanding that short-term gains for some must no longer be put ahead of long-term consequences for all. The MAPS Treaty prevents militarization and maintains peace in the Arctic region by protecting Arctic Ocean resources as the common heritage of mankind. MAPS is the only global initiative that ameliorates multiple climate crisis issues with one single, effective and simple solution. It gives humanity hope. MAPS is a concept: a marine protected area, a sanctuary, against any harmful activities that would further climate change.

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