Planetary Resilience Council

Drawing wisdom from world traditions to support climate justice, stabilization and adaptive resilience -- specifically including partnership with Indigenous communities, and the protection of ecosystems and bioregions in or related to British Columbia.
"We foster understanding and collaboration between diverse groups and nurture respectful relationships. We seek to model compassionate conduct in the midst of conflict. As a consortium of spiritual, religious and interspiritual groups, we develop and facilitate initiatives, events, and educational programs. We promote the endeavours of member groups and allied organizations, and partner with like-minded community groups and institutions to further shared aims. We strive to honour the sacredness of the Earth and promote care for the natural world."
Spirituality, Judaism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Christianity, Unitarian Universalist
New Thought
Number of Members
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
Joined URI Network

The Planetary Resilience Council is a diverse collective of interspiritual practitioners, dedicated to minimizing harms to Earth and all living beings. At the heart of our work is clarity that healthy ecosystems, including humans, are the very best protection against climate change. The PRC supports environmental, spiritual, social and economic resilience for the global community of living beings, with active focus on local bioregions in or relating to British Columbia.

We uphold the role of engaged global citizens in protecting and restoring the resilience of all life in the BioRegions they know as “home”. Collaborating with elders, teachers, scholars, scientists, and partnering organizations, we facilitate direct access for local residents to community resilience-building, scientific information, Indigenous wisdom, and ethical deliberation, through grassroots BioRegional Resilience Networks.

By facilitating BioRegional networks, the PRC works to strengthen human wisdom and moral reasoning in local public discourse and decision-making. And by connecting local initiatives to one other and to regenerative networks around the world, we seek to support all contributions to global cultural evolution. In every part of its work, the PRC commits to nurturing courage, cultivating goodness, and fostering the moral clarity that human communities require for a “just transition” to ecological ways of living.

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