Restoring Community Visions International

We are reducing youth unemployment, poverty, and youth rural urban migration. Because many youths are engaged in our projects, crime rates and the level of stigma and discrimination of the community
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We work to rehabilitate and reintegrate the affected groups of people in the community through peace and reconciliation activities.
Christianity, Islam, Indigenous
Messianic, African Traditional, Born Again, Catholic, Protestant
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Bugiri, Uganda
Joined URI Network

Restoring Community Visions International (RCV_ international) is a non-governmental, community-based organization. It was founded on 6th January 2014 by a group of focused individuals who observed that many youth in the community were school dropouts, fresh parents, unemployed, and idle, among other problems. Hence, they were poor, which led them to act outside the social norms of the society. The group understood this was a result of poor parent-child relationships, peer pressure, limited civic education, limited counseling and guidance, laziness, low acquisition of life skills, lack of role models, low self-esteem amongst some youth, high desire for individualism, high desire for leisure, rural urban migration, poor sensitization in government youth programs, and bad religious and cultural practices, among other causes.
Members of RCV_ international strongly believe that, by bringing youth to work together regardless of their religious and cultural backgrounds, education, gender, etc., and by engaging them in income-generating activities such as poultry and crop farming, entrepreneurship, and forestry, and by equipping them with some life skills, RCV_ international will change the situation from worse to better - hence achieving community development.

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