Education and healthcare are universal rights, especially for children.
Sahaita means help. We help to provide resources that are readily available to the needy children and elderly regardless of their status, background, religion, or caste.

Sahaita is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the US, with chapters in India and Canada. Founded in 2005, Sahaita is committed to educating, supporting, and uplifting underprivileged members of society. They accomplish this through three pillars: healthcare initiatives, education sponsorships (including vocational training) and humanitarian relief.
They are sponsoring the education for orphans, needy and deserving students, and slum children. They provide residential schools to those children that need them. Sahaita also launched the Farmer Support Project in late 2015 to address an epidemic of farmer suicide due to bad crop seasons coupled with debt burdens. With the collaboration of Punjab Agricultural University, researchers and village leaders, Sahaita developed a financial and educational support system to ensure that families are not overwhelmed by the loss of their loved ones or by financial distress that could potentially lead to that last resort. Sahaita is also providing medical support through its Gift of Vision program. In 15 years, Sahaita’s Gift of Vision program has treated over 37,000 eye camp patients and over 18,000 eye hospital patients, conducted over 8,000 eye surgeries, and distributed over 14,000 eyeglasses. But more than numbers, these are lives changed: elders who can finally see their grandchildren clearly, women whose eyes are finally relieved after decades of sewing intricate patterns, and youth with reduced vision have their glasses and can go to school.


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