Spiritual Revival - Bulgaria Union

Promote spiritual enlightenment and bridge-building in Bulgaria
“Our purpose is to promote spiritual revival and develop spiritual culture education.”
Christianity, Islam
Catholic, Orthodox, Eastern, Protestant
Number of Members
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Joined URI Network

Spiritual Revival-Bulgaria Union Cooperation Circle (CC) was created to contribute to the promotion of the spiritual culture and religious traditions at a regional and national level. Media has been their tool since they started in 1992, with a printed weekly newspaper called Sianie (Radiance) for religion, philosophy, science, which is also distributed electronically. CC members administer many collaborative projects, such as “Under one roof, in one home Bulgaria, let us give a hand to one another” and “International Forum” – a gathering of people from the East and West who address problems of diversity, tolerance, unity, etc. Additionally, they facilitate dialogues on an online platform to promote overcoming differences and to live in peace, organize concerts, open air performances and regional competitions.

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