Stronger Together Across Traditions

Combining personal sharing with community service
“Our purpose is to engage our diverse traditions towards community peace and development.”
Indigenous, Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Number of Members
Brooklyn, NY, United States of America
Joined URI Network

Stronger Together is a group of people and leaders of diverse religions and cultures that desire to grow their own understanding and promote both community development and peace. CommunityBeGood connects local groups with global groups through volunteer exchanges, communications, and donations. Members believe there is a need of healing and their community cannot be healthy if there is no trust, no unity. They believe interfaith bridge-building helps to create that bonding. CommunityBeGood provides a space for people who are living in a modern area and have a respect for grassroots faith traditions. One of their most wonderful experiences has been building a Brooklyn Bridge to Haiti. One of their friends in Haiti said, “The children belong to the whole village,” and this inspired them to come together to provide different resources to support their upbringing contrasting the rise of Christian fundamentalism in Haiti, and teachings that children should not socialize with people of different traditions. They are mainly focusing on culture, identifying the caring resources in their neighborhood -- using our various congregational spaces to share resources and thinking about ways in which their neighborhood could be a model of caring forces working together by helping to add to what people know about each other’s traditions, strengths and, vulnerabilities.

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