Tigwirizane CC

Economic development for youth
“Our purpose is to see a community in which young people are not marginalized, but rather actively engaged in local and national development practices and agendas.”
Spirituality, Christianity, Islam
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Lilongwe, Malawi
Joined URI Network

Tigwirizane is working in economic development for youth. The group is formed by 21 active members with Muslim, Rastafari, Jewish, Atheist and Christian backgrounds. Most of the members are Christian but from different denominations. There is quite a lot of diversity and animosity amongst the various Christian denominations in the community, so working together is also a way of overcoming conflict. The biggest project they are involved in is supporting vulnerable children in primary school. They have been provided a building by the government in 2000, and in these facilities, they are also supporting the health of mothers and of children under five years old.
Part of Tigwirizane, but operated independently, there is a group of thirteen women called Tigwirizane (Communication), which specializes in providing home-based care to critically ill people in the community. They are helping people with different problems, such as diseases of cancer and HIV and other illnesses. They meet twice a week and go to the houses of the ill people every day after work. It is not just the patients that need support; it is the families also. They are trained by an organization in Lilongwe called The Light House. Each of the 13 members of Tigwirizane is assigned to one critically ill person whom they visit daily. There are about 250 cases which have been identified where the patient is less critical, and these patients and families receive counselling and advice from time to time.

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