Together SAFE

Educating the mainstream society and guiding Bahrainis to get a vivid and unprejudiced image about each other.
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TSI aims to #BridgeTheGap between the different social identities and lead to a safer society, with people better protected against violent extremism and sectarianism.
Cultural, Islam
Arab, Shi'a, Sunni
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Manama,, Bahrain
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Together S.A.F.E. Initiative (TSI) started as a social club in the university to create a culture of togetherness. Then their work evolved to meet Bahrain’s social needs and to stimulate positive social change by promoting co-existence, resilience and social cohesion. Today, TSI is one of the counter-extremism social movements that promotes tolerance of ideologies and tries to build social resilience, inclusion, and cohesion in Bahrain. At the heart of TSI is a belief that better governance of the diversity within our communities will lead to a safer society. The "S.A.F.E." (Stand Against Fear & Extremism) Initiative aims to explore the dynamic of fear of "others" in response to cultural, ethnic, religious, or sectarian dissimilarity, and as an antecedent to extremism, emphasizing the importance of integrating initiatives to manage this fear and reduce its negative consequences into overarching counter-fear and counter-extremism strategy. The Initiative aims to inspire a mindset and behavioral shift that supports a good governance of the diversity within the Bahraini community. Since its inception, TSI has done several activities such as awareness campaigns, workshops, and networking. TSI is empowering youth to explore the dynamics of fear of "others" in response to the cultural, ethnic, religious, and sectarian dissimilarity by emphasizing the importance of integrating initiatives to manage this fear and reduce negative consequences and psychological and mental barriers (like fear of others).


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