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We will hold each other in our thoughts and hearts, in a very large circle.
Wisdom Circle
An inclusive worldwide community of individuals and groups who, through awakened intention, strengthen and support the highest goals of participants and humankind by holding a vision of healing and elevating the consciousness of the whole, for the benefit of all.
Christianity, Judaism
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Charlotte, NC, United States of America
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Uniting to elevate consciousness, for the betterment of all.

🔷 URI Multiregion Wisdom Circle hosts an International Monthly Zoom Call, inviting speakers from diverse paths and CCs around the world, to share the work they are doing to better our world.

🔷 Wisdom Circle also hosts a monthly International Prayer Service, and through our collective, daily world-wide prayers, meditations, good thoughts, we foster healing for those in need.

🔷 Wisdom Circle shares information about the world’s religious traditions, their holy day celebrations and festivals, and each one’s saints, prophets.

🔷 Wisdom Circle provides teachings from various living and passed people and Masters, their writings and poetry on peace and justice. If you are planning an interfaith teaching event, and would like information to share from a certain Master, Prophet or Saint or Holy Path, please let us know.

Please join us at our monthly Zooms! Contact: Emi Miller – [email protected]

Facebook Page: URI Wisdom Circle -- https://www.facebook.com/uriwisdomcircle/

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