World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP) - Dynamique Mondiale des Jeunes (DMJ)

Building up young people who are capable of asserting themselves in the face of all sorts of social ordeals, while abiding by their responsible citizenship and national spirit.
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WDYP/DMJ action lies on the construction of innovating communities of solidarity based on partnership, interdependence, rights and dignity.
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Western Africa
Yaounde, Yaounden Centre, Cameroon
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World Dynamics of Young People (WDYP) - Dynamique Mondiale des Jeunes (DMJ) is a registered NGO with headquarters in Yaoundé, in the sixth district. Through their Integrated Program of Participation in the Socio Political Influence Process (I.2P.S.P.I), WDYP/DMJ prepares young people to understand and assume public responsibilities in compliance with good governance, democratization and decentralization of society. As such, DMJ mobilizes young people to raise youth awareness on the development of their full potential at the local level, the promotion of integrity and the development of national sentiment based on civic values and the law. Its field of intervention covers four areas of action: democracy and governance, human rights and citizenship, human security and civil service for peace, and migration and immigration. These areas are translated into 7 components: young people’s legal and political culture, operational partnership among urban and rural young people, promotion of volunteer service and search for vocational experience, communication for national integration and the fight against tribalism, a diaspora support initiative to young innovative technicians, socio-political leadership of urban and rural young people, and bringing back the brain. The implementation of these components are made through action research, fact-finding tours, lobbying and advocacy, support and counseling, trainings, capacity-building and coaching, seminars, conference, sensitization, campaigns, social activities and development affordance and placement of volunteers.

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