Kottarakkara, Kerala, India

Building Cultural Harmony through Education

Karickam International Public School - KIPS

Karickam International Public conducts programs for elementary and secondary school students for the promotion of harmony and understanding among different belief communities.

Each year, to mark the UN’s International Day of Peace, KIPS organizes an annual Children’s Peace Parade in the Kerala region of India. What began as a modest parade of the school’s students has grown to more than 800 participants from four schools around the municipality of Kottarakkara. This chapter is a celebration of the school’s commitment to peacebuilding, and the years effort to incorporate a curriculum built on respecting different beliefs and traditions.

“Religion is very good, but there are people who misunderstand religion and they can propagate all kinds of ideologies which can disturb peace and destroy people. So it is very essential to know ‘the other’.”

- Abraham Karickam

The leaders of Karickam International Public School showcase an institution that serves students of different backgrounds without discrimination, and the children march for peace.



Dr. Abraham Karickam, Regional Coordinator for URI India (South Zone), URI Bangladesh, and URI Sri Lanka, and Chairman, Karickam International Public School

Greshma Raju, Cooperation Circle Liaison for URI India (South Zone)

Issac S. Thomas, leader of URI Global Youth Movement Cooperation Circle and URI Global Council Trustee