Kampala, Uganda

Youth Transforming Lives

AFFCAD - Action for Fundamental Change and Development

AFFCAD’s programs aim to unite individuals across cultural and religious divides via community partnerships and open dialogue. They are primarily focused on working with youth and families in economically underserved communities.

One of the founders, Jaffar Tazan Nyombi, takes URI Executive Director Victor Kazanjian on a tour of Kampala’s Bwaise district, home to more than 9,000 families living on less than a dollar a day. He shares the many ways AFFCAD provides support to this community:  through economic empowerment, vocational training, health services and education for elementary-aged children. AFFCAD emphasizes the need to support youth in this community, by providing them opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

“Our initiative, AFFCAD, two of its founders are Muslim, two are Christian. It starts from that, then it spreads to the community. We are one people. We’ve got to create this kind of platform where we support each other, love each other, and live in a very stable community.”

- Jaffar Tazan Nyombi

URI Executive Director Victor Kazanjian speaks with AFFCAD co-founder Jaffar about their programs in the Bwaise neighborhood in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.




Muhammed Kisirisa, Co-Founder and CEO of AFFCAD, and Brian Baya, Co-Founder and Finance Director of AFFCAD