Indigenous Traditions

Some spiritual practices are so much a part of the culture of a particular geographical area, and always have been, that they can better be described as a tradition.

Indigenous peoples' spiritual practices are based on nature -- the spirits that live in animals, trees, the landscape. They are the spirits that govern the weather, the hunt, the crops -- anything that is life sustaining. They are in the heavens and on earth - so much a part of all that is that they are more than a religion -- they are a sustaining and integral part of life. They answer basic questions about life, death, nature, and medicine. They are pre-scientific in the modern sense of the word. Often spiritual traditions have been taken over by conquering religions, coloring the practice of those who conquer, but lost in their original indigenous form. Today there are still indigenous traditions in the more remote areas of the world - the rain forests of South America, the reservations in North America, far north in Canada and Alaska, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.