Islam: Imagery

Islamic imagery

The Qur’an or Koran is the holy book of Islam. The original was written in Arabic.

Muslims stop to pray five times a day. If they are not in a mosque, they pray in a clean place or spread a prayer mat on the floor. The prayer position represents submission to God’s will or obedience to Allah.

Both Muslim men and women try to dress modestly. Some women cover their entire bodies when outside the home.

The crescent moon and stars are symbols associated with Islam. Islam has a lunar calendar, hence the crescent. Stars are signs of Allah.

A mosque is the house of worship for Muslims. The worship of images of Allah, people, or animals is forbidden in Islam. For this reason, Islamic art and architecture uses geometric shapes and patterns.

The tower of a mosque is called a minaret. A muezzin calls Muslims to prayer from the minaret.