Wiccan spirituality is focused on the earth and its seasons and the forces and rhythms of nature and human beings.

Its roots are in the ancient pre-Christian indigenous religions of Europe. Wiccan festivals include the solar and lunar cycles. Wiccans see divinity in all living things and see divinity as being both male and female. All of life is perceived as sacred and interconnected. Nature is an important spiritual teacher to Wiccans. Modern Wiccan practice is a creative and dynamic force. Spiritual insight is achieved through living in harmony with the earth.

Wiccans do not follow a particular sacred text. There is no special leader or prophet. Wiccans who practice a priest or priestesshood go through years of practice and life-changing rituals. Priests and priestesses are respected as teachers helping others to experience the sacred mystery that gives life true meaning. Wiccans believe all are capable of achieving this goal.