Trail of Dreams Team Returns to the USA

5 April 2008

We have established a new website for the walk: This site will act as the command central for information regarding the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long. It is being updated daily. I am going to contact the URI CCs on the east coast: NYC, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia shortly. Their participation would be greatly appreciated, especially the NYC CC, as we want to begin the walk with some activity/presence with the United Nations and present our petition ( Any feedback you feel is appropriate is always received with love and appreciation. 


Passionately Engaged Affecting Community Everywhere TM 
The Trail of Dreams Team returns to the USA on it’s final leg of a three and a half year journey around the world – walking for world peace and global transformation. As we travelled the world, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers have discovered that many people in our communities are unaware of the vast number of atrocities, born of human rights and ecological violations, that are affecting our human family. We cannot change what we do not know. If we are to create a "powerful moral force which makes for social transformation…Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.," then we must bring the injustices affecting our human family to the masses. We must have the courage to lift the scab and allow the wounds to be witnessed in a loving and compassionate space where we ALL are represented and walk together to fashion an evolved humanity. 

The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long is the platform the TDWPW has chosen to compassionately engage communities at all levels in the process of PEACE education and partnership building for Peace In Action initiatives.We will bring the walk to a dynamic completion by inviting our global family to engage in the largest ever, Mass Walk for Peace—the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long. The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long will begin in NYC on January 21, 2009 and end in Atlanta, GA on April 21, 2009. 

Every three seconds a child under five dies: a child who would still be alive had the worldtaken the same responsibility for All its citizens. It is time for change.The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers are committed to the process of engagement as a way of bridging cultures to affect peace consciousness. We are driven by our passion for humanity and Mother Earth. We believe that people make changes that fundamentally affect our world ; people decide everyday by their action or inaction the condition of humanity and Mother Earth. Therefore, we now take our walk to the people, bridging together people and communities to build sincere partnerships for peace. It continues to be our experience, that when we bring diverse groups together to address an issue or concern greater than any one member of the group (s), the focus shifts from the differences to the need for action; and working together to accomplish something important to the lives of others. When we know, we ACT. 

The Trail of Dreams Team will use this opportunity to inform, engage and activate partnerships for peace. The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long will be comprised of the following components : the actual WALK ; the Touring Eco-Village that travels with the WALK; Peace Education Forums & Peace In Action Projects (nationally and internationally); Partnership Building Opportunities for Peace In Action Projects; Art Exhibits; Film Festivals; and Concerts for Peace. 

I, Ausdri Scott Williams, visionary and Trail of Dreams World Peace Walker, invite your participation in the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long. Please contact me at [email protected] for more information on how you can participate in the planning and development of this historical walk for humanity. We are currently in need of: State Coordinators; Route Corrdinators; Logistical Support; Exemploray Programs and Organizations Modeling Transformation, Peace and Justice; Artists; Filmmakers; Getting the World Out; Sponsors; Donations...Trail of Dreams World Peace 

Please sign our petition and send to as many people as you can. We want 1,000,000 signatures by the time we begin the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long! I have attached an open letter regarding our return and how you can participate: The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk-A-Long-January 21-April21, 2009. 

We know we can do it. 

Changing the World One Step At A Time, 

The Trail of Dreams Team