Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk CC

Walking to change the world
“Our purpose is to walk to change the world one step at a time.”
Indigenous, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Spirituality, Hinduism
Buddhist, One Love
Number of Members
Cottonwood, AL, United States of America
Joined URI Network

Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk Cooperation Circle (CC) members walk to affect PEACE: Passionately Engaged Affecting Community Everywhere. Their goal is to give voice to the voiceless and visibility to the invisible to strengthen families and communities in bridging cultures of peace. On their walks, CC members pass through over 28 cities in the USA, during which time, they work on “Through the Eyes of A Child,” a documentary to be shot by children in communities during the 13 Moon Walk. Additionally, they create PEACE Zones in the cities they walk through and establish a National Peace Trail.


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URI Stories of Impact

Healing and Transforming Ourselves – Our Humanity

Jul 20, 2016. I have meditated and prayed -- calling on my Ancestors; on the wisdom teachers that guide me (past, present, and future); on my Angel Guides – the Grandmothers; on my higher self; and on the younger generations, and those yet to be born. 

Trail of Dreams CC - New Initiative - The Red Flame for Freedom

Feb 25, 2016. On April 22, 2016, the World Peace Walkers and Partners in The Red Flame for Freedom movement take to the streets in communities throughout the United  States to raise awareness about the proliferation of modern day slavery  experienced through sex trafficking, human trafficking, mass incarceration, and children in poverty. 

Why We Walk for Peace

Dear Family and Friends, 

I wanted to share my response to those who are asking me, "What does  
walking have to do with real social change?"

Baltimore Beloved Community Awakening Walk

On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Configuration Performing Arts Network, Inc., will host the Baltimore Beloved Community Awakening Walk for a transformed city in partnership with One God One Thought Center and The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers.

Beloved Community Awakening

Audri Scott Williams, Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative (URI), was the Vision Keeper who led the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, a Cooperation Circle of the URI since 2005, over 6 continents (2005-2009), and the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace across America to over 50 communities (2010-2011). She has received numerous awards for her service to humanity. 

Walking A Path of Healing and Sacred Action

In these times, it’s easy to feel dispirited and hopeless when listening to the talk about the crises facing our Beloved Mother Earth and all of us who may struggle to thrive here.