Join Me in Preparation for the Summer Solstice

3 June 2008

From May 31st to June 20th , I have been called to go on a juice and water fast in preparation for all that is ahead for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk. We have a lot of ground to cover between now and April 2009. I, therefore, seek to prepare myself to be in a position to affect the greatest possible outcome for the walk and for humanity. 

Never on the planet are the elemental forces better aligned to assist in manifesting on every level than during the time of the Summer Solstice, the day the fast ends. The Sun during this time exerts its maximum power upon our part of the Earth (Northern Hemisphere) as its rays strike us head-on. This is a time when the energies of "doing" are called forward. Therefore what better way to be clear than to participate in a fast with the intention to aligning (mind, body and spirit) ourselves so that we can “do” with clarity and complete alignment to affect a powerful outcome in our lives and all of humanity. 

Therefore, I invite you, our global family, to participate with me during the last seven days of the fast (June 14th through the 20th). For those of you who are interested in doing the juice and water fast, please make sure you have an understanding of fasting: how to enter a fast; how to come off a fast; what to juice and what not to juice; how much water to drink and what signs to look out for as your body begins to detox from previous unhealthy eating practices. If this is your first time fasting, team up with someone who has been fasting before; check with your local health food store they generally have experts who can advise you or check with your medical practitioner. It is important to note that a juice fast is not about going to the corner shop and buying a bottle of juice. It is consuming fresh juice that either you or a juice bar juices fresh on the spot. 

You may also participate by choosing to eat only fruit and salads and drink water during this time. You may also choose rather than a food fast to give up something else in your life that you value for the seven days. 

If you choose to participate, then on the evening of the 13th of June, prior to going to bed, repeat the following mantra three times: Divine Love flows through me, healing all humanity. Thank you for the power of your love. This is the mantra we will use throughout the fast and that was given to us by Karen Watson, Trail member. 

State out loud or in your journal what your intention is for the fast. Be clear. 

As you begin the fast know that there is one other thing I am inviting you to do: Avoid all negative actions, words and even thoughts! Whenever you find yourself thinking, speaking or doing anything negative, take a deep breath, state the mantra three times, and start again. During the fast make notes of what you are observing about yourself through this process. This is a great fast to do with a buddy or with a group and create the opportunity for each person to share their experiences during the fast. Remember you will be fasting with people from all over the world! 

Everyday state your intention, refine it, if necessary. Begin and end each day with our mantra: Divine Love flows through me healing all humanity. Thank you for the power of your love. 

If you choose to share your experiences, do not hesitate to email me. 

In Love & In Peace, 

Audri Scott Williams