International Day of Peace & The Trail of Dreams Team

28 August 2008

September 21, 2008 is the International Day of Peace. The Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers invites you to participate with us on Sunday the 21st of September, in a global tree planting ceremony. We are asking our friends and family to plant a special tree, a PEACE Tree, in your yard or a central area where others can be a part of the nurturing of your PEACE Tree. We suggest that the more people you can involve in the process of the planting and nourishing this tree over time, the more meaningful this process of PEACE in Action will be. As always we suggest that you be creative in planning your PEACE Tree activity. Allow the children to be a vital part of the process from selecting the type of tree to actually preparing the space for the tree and the planting of the tree. 

Why a PEACE Tree? We wanted to do something that everyone could be a part of and that would be simple yet be a dynamic symbol for PEACE that would live on around the world. A tree is significant in most cultures around the world with its branches reaching up to the heavens and its roots running deep into Mother Earth – the union of heaven and earth (unity); its seeds and/fruit contain the essence of the tree, thus representing regeneration and the cycle of life and an aspect of immortality and resurrection. In many indigenous cultures it represents spiritual wisdom, life, hope, universal human, the world axis, ancestral heritage, fruitfulness, purification, strength, victory and reward. A tree represents life and provides us oxygen. Trees help to control the temperature on the planet. They are also symbolic of the human family (family tree). Great sages throughout time sat under trees and prophesied and griots told stories that passed wisdom to future generations. 

Without trees our planet cannot survive in a way that can sustain life. Everyday so many trees are being destroyed in our communities across the globe. In many of the places we have traveled during the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, we have seen the impact of deforestation on Mother Earth. 

Join us on Sunday, September 21, 2008 and plant your PEACE Tree! Let us circle the globe with this powerful symbol of LIFE, resurrection and renewal for PEACE sake. 

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Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk 
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