Pilgrims of Peace - Preparing for Mayapur

13 October 2008

Dear friends,

I feel like I don't have time to write deep thoughts about what it means to me to be a pilgrim with URI as I look forward to being in Mayapur, India for almost two weeks. But , it feels like its time to take deep breaths, gaze at the natural flower near my computer and allow the gift of pilgrimage to enter my bones - and hopefully this blog might inspire you to do the same.

I want to share a lovely event that helped me begin to take off my "planning shoes" and become new and open-hearted again, like a pilgrim. Sarah Talcott and I recently joined Chris Campbell, a young leader who is coming to Mayapur, in a Hindu puja ceremony that he led for us and for all of the URI "pilgrims" coming to Mayapur. Chris led us in ceremony - washing the deities as a symbol of asking that all of the people coming to Mayapur be washed of their suffering and relieved of their burdens. May we all be refreshed starting now and come together as pilgrims and leave together with new life and vitality

I am practicing with my very first this blog as part of the pilot tst for this new blog service - so I hope that you will answer and offer your contributions.
Thank you, Sally Mahe