URI and birds in flight

9 February 2009

Dear friends,

I had to stop in awe this morning as a flock of seagulls cavorted in a zig-zagging mass overhead. As I focused on individual gulls, I noticed each one was purposeful and directed, you might say independently enjoying its unique flying pattern. Looking at the flock as a whole - they were a creative complexity of movement - the activity of the whole was so much more than each individual bird. Their dips and dives created a kaleidoscopic design that danced in a kind of unison. Not one gull ever came close to bumping or distracting attention from another one.

URI's organization was designed in part to reflect this same genius. Like masses of birds in flight together, it was envisioned that there would be unlimited numbers of initiatives and all would be kept in motion and connected by core principles and common purpose. Individually and together these initiatives would bring about striking and unexpected results.

As we are caught up in the doing of URI, it's easy to forget the specialty we are all living into. Next time you see flocks of birds in flight, ask what's happening here? What can I learn? What's possible? How is this creative motion like URI?

Your ideas would be wonderful to share as comments on this blogsite. Looking forward to a conversation and sharing questions and awarenesses.