URI and the UN's International Day of Peace - 2009

21 July 2009

Barcelona, Spain - A 33 member interreligious choir representing 5 faiths, Coral pel la Pau, highlights this large IDP celebration to be held at the Auditorium of Barcelona.

Global - The 7th Annual Week of Global Interreligious Dialogue will take place in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace.  The Global Family for Love and Peace Cooperation Circle is a co-organizer of the event.  Please check out the GFLP website for more information: www.gflp.org 

Melbourne, Australia - COMMON (Centre of Melbourne Multifaith and Others network) invites you all to the Sharing Our Waterforum on September 21st Sept. 2009 (UN International Peace Day) and Multifaith Week events.  For more information visit www.commonaustralia.com or click here

Manbazar, India - A full day of programming has been organzied by the Manbazar Chandra Memorial CC for the 20th of September.  The days' events include a Peace Rally and Prayer, a seminar on "Peace through Selfless Service," and the distribution of fruit to patients at the Manbazar Rural Hospital.

 San Francisco, California, USA - There will be a celebration of the IDP at the URI Global Office in the Presidio.  Opening with a Peace Pole Meditation, participants will make kites to be sent to Pakistan and the West Bank as part of the Brahma Kumari's Kites for Peace program.  These will be followed by a barbecue with music. 

 Global - Join people across the world as they participate in "A Million Minutes for Peace."  Individuals across the glob will stop at high noon and pray for peace for one minute - in their own way.  To sign the pledge and find out more please visit the Odyssey Networks website

 Bedford Hills, NY, USA - Unity Made Visible CC will re-dedicate the Peace Pole at Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford Hills, NY on 21 September at 6 pm in a joyous and prayerful ceremony with music.

 Kottarakkara, Kerala State, India - There will be a large peace march at the Karickam International Public School with hundreds of students and CC members participating.

 Berkeley, CA, USA - On September 25th there will be a forum on Building Global Peace featuring Sarah Talcott, URI's Director of Youth Programs; Rev. Paul Chaffee, a former Global Council Trustee; Amb. Tom Miller, President of the UN-Association USA; and Prof. David Holloway from Stanford University.  This event is being sponsored by a number of URI CCs from across the Bay Area.

 Buenos Aires, Argentina - URI in partnership with Fundacion 3Milenio and Consejo de Paz of Argentina will celebrate the IDP at the United Nations Square along with a number of organizations.  At 12 noon they will join together in support of the Million Minutes of Peace, with each individual praying for peace in their own way and adding theirs to those of people across the globe.

 Machu Picchu, Peru - URI Global Council Chair Yoland Trevino and other Indigenous Peoples from Latin America and different parts of the world will have a healing and reconciliation ceremony at this beautiful sacred location high in the Andes.

 Cebu City, Philippines -  We received this update from Sister Sandra Clemente: We are preparing for the biggest parade yet for the Interfaith International Day of Peace on September 26 starting at 6:30 am.. This will be followed by a program to launch the Good Citizen, the Interfaith and Peace movement for Cebu City. Last July 8, 2009 the city council of Cebu City passed a resolution declaring every September as Interfaith and Peace month starting this year. We have lined up 3 big programs for the day, we are expecting around 8,000 participants.

 Kathmandu, Nepal - The Youth Society for Peace (YSP) Cooperation Circle will be holding 7th annual IDP celebration with a number of programs beginning on September 18th.  The celebration will begin with an Interfaith Peace Prayer Program at the Shanti Sewa Ashram bringing together youths and adults with Interfaith leaders.  The next day they will host a Youth Peace Conference involving 100 students from grades 8, 9, & 10 along with a number of dignitaries and guest speakers.  Sunday the 20th they will hold a Peace Art Competition involving 125 students from the Helping Children Study Club of the Shanti Sewa Ashram.  Their celebration will culminate with a Inter-School Peace  Poetry Competition at the Hindu Vidyapeeth School.

 Kampala, Uganda - On Saturday September 19th there will be an interfaith prayer ceremony involving Jews, Hare Krishnas, Muslims, Baha'i's, Christians, Hindus, and others.  To be held at the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium the prayer will be followed by a football (soccer) match played between members of the Ugandan Parliament and the Ugandan Sports Press Association teams.