Conference Calls on Young People to Become Peacemakers

16 April 2013

The workshop, conducted by Professor Amer al-Hafi, professor of comparative religions and chair of the Islamic Studies Department at Al-alBayt University, and deputy director/academic advisor of Jordan’s Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, emphasized the essential role of peacebuilders and religious leaders in restoring the confidence of believers and promoting social cohesion.

Dr. al-Hafi also highlighted the need to invest heavily in youth.  Just as they have helped to bring about political reforms throughout the region, so too can their leadership create social change, he said.

The event brought together 30 teenagers who had previously attended the Seeds of Peace camp and 12 leaders, many of whom are members of the Jordan Seeds of Peace Cooperation Circle.

“As always, the Jordan Seeds of Peace CC is investing in future leaders to prepare a new generation of real peacebuilders,” said Mamoun Khreisat, URI’s Regional Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa