The U.N. and the Environment

25 June 2013, 5:14 PM

By Monica Willard, URI UN Representative 

This year, on April 22nd, I attended an Interactive Dialogue of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly on 'Harmony with Nature' to commemorate Mother Earth Day. The purpose of the interactive dialogue is to advance discussions on different economic approaches, in the context of sustainable development, and to further a more ethical basis for the relationship between humanity and the Earth.  Learn more
The UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was held in New York on May 20-31st. Many URI CC members took part in presentations and dialogues. Twelve year old Ta'Kaiya Blaney of the Sliamonn First Nation of BC Canada, who presented at Rio +20, spoke representing Indigenous Youth, alongside Elder Chief Oren Lyons on a panel entitled: Celebrating and Commemorating the Rights of Mother Earth for the Seventh Generation: sharing our vision of the past, present and future generations. The panelists addressed the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth. 

Cooperation Circles Involved

Environmental Network Cooperation Circle (ENCC)

"We envision a just and joyful Earth community and we are committed to realizing a world where people of all faiths will live in harmony and equality. Our purpose is to create wise environmental grassroots and global partnerships to aggregate, amplify, and catalyze moral imperatives among all traditions to live in sacred relationship with the natural environment and the community of life. To accomplish this, we will develop and implement programs and activities wherein participants will experience communion with all life and unity within the diversity of the world's religious faiths, spiritual expressions, and indigenous tradition."