16 October 2013 - Event in Brussels - A cause for concern in Europe - Freedom of opinion, religion and belief Persecution of, and discrimination against, minority-groups

4 October 2013

By the European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom (EIFRF)

With the participation of


• The Gerard Noodt Foundation for FoRB

• United Sikhs International

• Pro Europa Christiana

• Soteria International

• CAPLC Europe

This conference will be held on the 16th of October 2013 (13:00 to 18:00) at 2 minutes walk from the EU parliament, Renaissance Hotel (Mariott), Rue du Parnasse, 1050 Brussels. To reserve your place, please contact: Eric +33 647 695 235, [email protected], or Godfrey Bloom at [email protected]

Freedom of belief, religion and opinion, as well as religious freedoms in general, are fundamental rights, guaranteed by numerous international treaties and conventions, including several European ones. Nevertheless, many recent reports describe a large number of infringements of these rights, even in European countries. Indeed, minorities of belief are increasingly subjected to discrimination in some European countries, or even to persecution, by means of various deleterious instruments, which give an appearance of legality but which, in reality, are at odds with European and international standards of Human Rights.

Because the believers in every religion, and the holders of any particular belief or opinion, are in the minority somewhere, the rights of the adherents of any faith or view are liable to infringement, as perpetrated by governments or as promoted by groups working as front-organizations for particular vested interests or for governments.

In this Conference, we will examine in detail the trend in Europe to increase restrictions on freedom of opinion, religion and belief, as well as the clandestine efforts of some governments to export discriminatory systems to other countries via European institutions, and the concrete effects of these things. We will examine the existing tools for protecting freedom of belief, religion and opinion (including international law, international jurisprudence and EU-jurisprudence). The speakers (in 2 different panels) will be representatives from various religious denominations, international experts in the relevant fields and specialist defenders of human rights.

Each panel-presentation will be followed by live debates.



Bashy Quraishy

Secretary General - European Muslim Initiative For Social Cohesion - Strasbourg

Chairman - Advisory Council - European Network Against Racism – Brussels


Professor Juan Ferreiro Gualguera

Full professorship of Ecclesiastical Law at University of Coruna

Former D/Director General for Promotion and Protection

of Religious Freedom at the Spain Ministry of Justice.


Hans Noot

President of the Gerard Noodt Foundation

Member of the board of the ICRLS


Gérard Ducrey

PhD in political sciences, Attorney at law, France


Eric Roux

Steering Committee of the European Interreligious Forum for Religious Freedom


Dr. Alessandro Amicarelli

PhD, Attorney at law. LAW Society of England and Wales

Doctor of Research in International Order and Human Rights

"SAPIENZA" University of Rome


Jasvir Singh

United Sikhs International


Patricia Duval

Attorney at Law – France

Specialist in European and international Human Rights law


Paul. Herzog Von Oldenburg

Coordinator: International Federation, Pro Europa Christiana





Father Aethlwine

Orthodox Priest - Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch – UK