FACIS: Empowers Girl Child in schools and communities

16 March 2014
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FACIS on Saturday 15th March in its on-going support to empower girl child visited Government Girls Unity College, in Bauchi metropolis where it supported the GGUC Environmental club for its annual work plan development. The work plan consist of seminar on climate change adaptation measures, advocacy visits to government Ministries/agencies/parastatals, religious/community leaders, introduction of bio-intensive agriculture for organic food production, series of seminars on relationship building and love for one another, commemoration of “World Celebrated Days”, Radio/TV discussion programs, formation of plant the planet academy. The Government Girls Unity College (GGUC) environmental club was formed in October, 2010 by Forward Action for Conservation of Indigenous Species (FACIS). The club was supported by FACIS to establish school orchard in 2010 and in 2013 was supported in establishing a Plant nursery for tree seedlings and followers. FACIS intends to support the girls club to start a bio-intensive agriculture program as a means to empower them to grow organic food. We believe our world will be a better place if girl child can be socially, economically and educationally empowered.