Our Apeal for the Safe Return of the Nigerian Girls

3 June 2014

As women of the URI, we are deeply concerned by the continued refusal to allow the Nigerian schoolgirls to return to their homes and loved ones. We are also aware of how their rights have been violated and instead used as a score to settle political interests. As mothers and sisters, our hearts are breaking to hear of the suffering of our innocent daughters in this entire ordeal. 

We ask all religious, political and community leaders and all those in positions of power as well as the grassroots to make all possible mechanisms to ensure that the girls reunite with their families peacefully. We are fully aware that each faith treasures peace and love as their inner most value and that these true spiritual values can be invoked in this situation.  

We therefore, ask everyone from the different religious backgrounds, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions to join us every Thursday of the week at 12 noon, wherever you are, to pray for the safe return of the Nigerian schoolgirls to their homes and families. We further ask you to continue this prayer every Thursday at 12 noon until the girls are safely home.

May peace prevail in Nigeria! May peace prevail on Earth!

1. Kiran Bali – Huddersfield, United Kingdom

2. Audri Scott Williams  - Atlanta,Georgia USA

3. Elana Rozenman  - Jerusalem, Israel

4. Kate Kiama – Nairobi, Kenya

5. Heidi Rautionmaa – Helsinki, Finland

6. Maria Eugenia Crespo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

7. Sande Hart - San Francisco,California, USA

8. Rattan Channa – Nairobi, Kenya

9. Qutub Kidwai – Mumbai, India

10.  Despina Namwembe – Kampala, Uganda

11.  Nyambura Mundia – Nairobi, Kenya

12.  Monica Willard –  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania USA. 

13.  Marianne Horling – Bonn, Germany

14.  Nageeba Hassan – Kampala, Uganda

15.  Sally Mahe – San Francisco California, USA

16.  Isabelle Nizeyimana – Kigali, Rwanda

17.  Rebbeca Tobias - Vancouver, Canada

18.  Lilly Misenga - Bukavu DRC

19.  Jane Alex Legu - Juba, South Sudan

20.  Krithika Harish - California, USA

21.  Karimah Stauch – Bonn, Germany

22.  Hawa Noor - Nairobi, Kenya.

23.  Shabnam Olinga- Kampala, Uganda

24.  Sarah Talcott Blair – San Francisco California, USA.

25.  Joy Kemirembe – Kampala, Uganda

26.  Salette Aquino - Campinas, Brazil?
27.  Potre Diampuan - Manila, Philippines

28.  Rowan Fairgrove - San Jose, California, USA

29.  Mussie Hailu - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

30.  Adeola Fearon   - Charlotte, North Carolina,USA

31. Naseem George - Sargodha,Pakistan.

32. Sowmya Ayyar – Cupertino, California, USA

33. Perry "PK" McCary - Houston,Texas, USA

34. Monika Berghoff - Tamera, Colos, Portugal 

35. Sabina Rifat – Lahore, Pakistan