Youth Society for Peace in Nepal holds IDP celebrations

28 August 2014, 7:27 AM
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One of several youth peace gatherings at Peace Service Centre Ashram in Kathmandu. To share a URI International Day of Peace activity or learn more about how to participate, please click here

Youth Society for Peace CC in Nepal joined Shanti Sewa Ashram (Peace Service Centre), Hindu Vidyapeeth – Nepal Schools and Children’s Peace Home for several youth programs in a three-day celebration of International Day of Peace (IDP) in Kathmandu. 

On Friday, September 19, they helped to launch a book as part of the Global Communities for Peace Author in Residence (AIR) program. Jerry Piasecki, writer and founder of the Global Peace School Program, started the AIR program and will join Australia-based Global Communities for Peace Director Joan O’Connor. Piasecki is also working with the United Nations for global peace education.

The next day, Youth Society for Peace coordinated a program, "Thoughts of Youth," where youth discussed strategies to control the mind and body for inner peace.

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