Beloved Community Awakening

15 July 2015

Audri Scott Williams, Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative (URI), was the Vision Keeper who led the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, a Cooperation Circle of the URI since 2005, over 6 continents (2005-2009), and the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace across America to over 50 communities (2010-2011). She has received numerous awards for her service to humanity. 

The book, Awakening the Heart of the Beloved Community, is a compelling collection of the voices of diversity - the voices of the Beloved Community. The narratives of each writer are masterfully woven together in a book that will take you higher, drop you down and then lift you gently and lovingly – landing  you in your heart , the core of the continuing evolution of the Beloved Community - the foundation for a sustainable future for generations to come. The book has inspired a musical CD, AWAKENING, Co-Produced by NOWTIME Radio CC coordinators Karen Hunter Watson and Mikuak  Rai. Awakening the Heart of the Beloved Community now available on Amazon!! Musical CD soon to be released. 

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