Independence Day Observed

17 August 2015
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Celebrating this day of India Independence was very special for the members of Palki Peace Circle, as this was our first social action after joining with URI. We had distributed sweets and some supplies to the children. We also planted trees in the school compound and encouraged children in sports and flying kites. We were able to generate funds at the local level to cover our expenses and donate those necessary supplies to the children.

A few years back, when we started our work for the street children, we were very challenged. But as days go on, we are very inspired by the purpose of URI, which is to bring interfaith cooperation to overcome our social and religious barriers, so we could change for a better community. Ten members of Palki Peace Circle attended this four-hour program along with school staff and teachers. We all were blessed by spending this special day with children. At the end we also addressed others about the mission of URI.



Dear All,


15th August 2015 is a day which is remarkable to all Indians. On this day, India got its independence. We, the members of the Palki Peace Circle, wanted to celebrate the day in a different way. We started the day by hoisting India’s National Flag at Lee Collins High School (Beleghata Road, Kolkata), followed by the National Anthem. The majority of the students in this school are street children and orphans. Since the day is special to us, we wanted to give them some gifts to make them happy. Presently, there are around 130 students attending this school. They belong to many different religions.

We had selected this school by keeping in mind the main motto of URI; i.e., the building of peace between the different religions. We gifted pencil boxes and chocolates to all the students of the school. The pencil box contains: one pencil, one eraser, and one sharpener, which are the basic needs of the students during their time of study. Along with this, we also gifted them kites, so they can play with them.

After completing the gifting, we planted some trees on the premises of the school, to help the globe rid itself of global warming. In this way, we completed our program in the school.

Our next destination was Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC), Tollygunge Depot, to plant more trees on their premises, since it’s one of the most highly polluted areas in Kolkata. Beside the Depot, there is a three-point crossing along with the auto rickshaw stand and various private bus stand. We planted 200 trees at different location on the premises of the CTC. Trees are one of the best agents on this globe which can minimize pollution.

In conclusion, we started the program with students aged 7-14 years, of different religions, keeping in mind that we were spreading URI’s message that all the people of different religious are equal. Later on, we planted 200 trees at different locations to relieve the climate from global warming.

Thanks & Regards,

Abhirup Khan


Palki Peace Circle



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