Palki Peace Circle

Bringing together policy makers and activists at the grassroots level to address social issues
"Our purpose is to promote communal harmony through education and environmental awareness—especially by engaging children in community activities."
Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam
Number of Members
East India
Kolkata State, West Bengal, India
Joined URI Network

India’s interfaith community has the potential to be strong given the prominent presence of diverse religions. However, conflicts occurs due to misunderstandings among different religious groups. Political parties motivate further violence to promote their agendas. Palki Peace Circle acts as a catalytic group channeling this force of religious differences in peace building processes and in conflict resolution. Cooperation Circle (CC) members believe that they need to engage youth, children and adults from diverse groups to influence those who hold administrative and political power. Members work to build local, national, and international interfaith platforms to bring change to all levels of society. They provide information to local organizations to avail various government social benefits. CC members work towards the education of street children and health care, and they believe that the interfaith community should stand in solidarity with poverty elimination. They also work independently to promote environmental awareness and raise voices against illegal constructions and development that causes harm to the ecology. This CC works with local groups and organizations to bring together policy makers and activists at the grassroots level to address social issues to bring positive change to society.

Palki Peace CC members

Members of Palki Peace CC, from top left to right (top to bottom): Abhirup Khan, Biswajit Roy, Manidipa Chanda, Chaman Lal Chaurasia, Reema Chaurasia, Don Biswas, Tatmina Datta Roy, Kunal Das, Kaushik Das, and Satarupa Addhya. 

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