Why We Walk for Peace

25 August 2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

I wanted to share my response to those who are asking me, "What does  
walking have to do with real social change?" I say look at the  
nonviolent social change marches in our history, the Selma Bridge  
Crossing, Montgomery Boycott, the Salt Marches led by Gandhi, the  
women's suffrage movement,the nonviolent marches against apartheid in  
South Africa, the Long Walks Across America by Native Americans, the  
Million Man march... 

We have a tradition and a history of using walking  
and marching to gather the masses to affect nonviolent social change. 

So walking for change in our cities to bring about a shift in systemic  
racism is a powerful tool for social change. There have been times when  
walkers/marchers have been met with a violent response from law  
enforcement. It has been those moments when the humanity of those who  
stood strong, out weighed the inhumanity of those who met nonviolence  
with violence. 

I once asked Amelia Boynton Robinson​, my mentor and dear elder at 104  
years wise, and one of the organizers and marchers on Bloody Sunday in  
Selma, Alabama, how she and all the marchers on the bridge that day who  
were injured, some severely, tended their wounds and kept coming back?  
She said, We marched for the change we new was already here. We didn't  
walk for change. She reminded me of the discipline and vision they held.  
When I asked what we need to do today, she thought for a moment and then  
said, You know I don't want any of you standing on my shoulders. I want  
you to get out there and be a voice for change for our young people. We  
have to help our children and love is the only thing that is going to  
turn this around!! "Continue to treasure the fact that our children are  
100% our future and must be treated accordingly. Good education and  
quality examples set by adults will undoubtedly serve as their best  
guides to survival and success." 

And so we, the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walkers and the 13 Moon Walk  
4 Peace walk for nonviolent social change. We walk for freedom for all  
human beings...black, red, yellow and white; gay and straight; women and  
men; Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, Indigenous, Hindu ...; those with  
disabilities and elders soon forgotten by society; for those who are  
criminalized for being poor and homeless; for those who are hungry; and  
we walk for the children now and for generations to come. 

We walk to remind everyone that love has the power to change. When we love, really  
love, we are infused with vision and the means to realize a world that  
works for all! 

May Peace Prevail, 

Audri Scott Williams 
United Religions Initiative, URI Global Trustee (Multiregion) 
Global Peace Advocate & Walker, Motivational Speaker, Author