Support for Youth through the Trail of Dreams CC for the IDP

5 September 2015

The Multiregion of  the United Religions Initiative is happy to announce  that it is supporting two young people to travel to the International Day of Peace celebrations in Washington.  The cost will be $200 for each of these young people, which will include transportation and food.  Lodging is being arranged as in-home stays.  

These young participants will march with the Peace March and are possibly slated to speak prior to the start of the event.  They will be writing about their travels and what this means to our community, our region and the world upon their return home.  We are excited to hear from them when the event is complete and they have had time to digest and reflect on all that they experienced. 

This was a decision come to by discussion and consensus of the following CCs who were present at our last general meeting, Trail of Dreams, Now Talk Radio (Audri Williiams), Think Peace Media and Communications ( Rachael Watcher and P.K. McCary), Hope in Peace (Rupsi  Burman), PEACE  (from Mumbai), The Interfaith Observer (Paul Chaffee), Circle of Healers (Ardi Turner), Dr. T.D. Singh Science and Spirituality, (Vrajapate), Spirituality and the Earth, (Rachael Watcher),( Roger Eaton), and Wisdom Circle Ministries, (Robert Hrasna), whom together constituted between a quarter and a third of our region. 

We reviewed the following criteria in order to come to this decision: 

  • What did you learn? 

  • How did/will the money help ? 

  • Is this a collaboration? 

  • How does it make a global impact?  

    In point of fact during this enquiry we discovered that three to four of our Multiregion CCs are involved and that we will be in collaboration with two further North American CCs. We are very excited to hear what our young representatives will have to report.   

    Once the reports arrive they will be accompanied by receipts and explanations of associated costs.  

    In Service  

    R Watcher, Multiregion Coordinator