Euro-Asia CC Activities and Photos

2 November 2015
group photo

We did this simple exhibition "Altai-India" in the park during a big city celebration

"Where there is peace, there is culture
Where there is culture, there is peace."
(Nicholas Roerich, 1874-1947)

The Banner of Peace is a powerful universal symbol which was adapted by the visionary artist Nicholas Roerich to serve as an emblem for the desire of human culture to rise above war. This Banner has been flown globally, as a sign of peace and culture, since the 1930's. 

The Banner of Peace was proposed by Nicholas Roerich for an International Pact for the protection of culture values.

The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace is an International Treaty signed by India, the Baltic States, and 22 nations of the Americas including the United States. The Roerich Peace Pact established an international agreement allowing any nation to protect its cultural or artistic heritage with a symbolic Banner, the Banner of Peace. Signed on April 15, 1935 in Washington, this treaty is recognized by many countries today.

Written with the assistance of international experts and lawyers, the Roerich Pact of Peace was praised by many notable figures during its signing including Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, and H.G. Wells. The Pact states, “educational, artistic, and scientific institutions... shall be protected and respected by the belligerents... without any discrimination as to the state allegiance of any particular institution or mission... these missions may display a distinctive flag (the Banner of Peace)... which will entitle them to special protection and respect...” Thus any site of cultural activity around the world can fly the Banner of Peace to declare itself neutral, independent of combatant forces, and protected by International treaty.

The sign of Three Treasures is well known in many countries of the East.

The distinctive Banner has three red circles surrounded by a larger red circle on a white Banner. The Banner is of a deep red or magenta color to symbolize the color of blood, which is the same for all peoples. The top circle represents Spirituality and encompasses the truth of all religions, meaning that we can all unite regardless of our distinct beliefs. The two circles on the bottom represent Art and Science. The circle that surrounds the three spheres represents Culture, the Unity of Art, Science, and Spirituality.


Dear friends!

Yesterday we had a meeting of our Org and I told them about the interest of the URI family to the direction of our activity, so they all are sending you best regards "from warm Siberia" - we still have summer weather.

Galina Ermolina

girl photo

Masha is a granddaughter of one of us near the exhibited children's drawings, "May Peace Prevail on Earth."

woman photo

Ukranian woman in costume - this woman is a folk-singer and a guest/member of our CC. She always participates in the big events we organize.

group photo

Two girls in Belorussian costumes. Once we were invited to a big gathering of representatives of Slavic Diasporas, speaking Russian.


We widely cooperate with this Russian/Siberian folkgroup and often invite them to visit us.


Three generations.

group photo

At the Sun Museum - They are part of our Cooperation Circle, and we started actually at the Museum.

group photo

Children of the folk group Zorenka from Altai. Nina Filippova is their leader, storyteller, writer, and our good friend, whom we consider to be a member of our Cooperation Circle.

group photo

Heidi Rautionmaa, her daughter, and Galina Ermolina at the Forum in Helsinki near our Exhibition.


Dmitriy Dobryi has done an embroidery picture of Holy Olga with his own hands.

group photo

Summer 2013 in Altai - Alicia Rodrigues (President of the International Committee Banner of Peace at UN). Galina Ermolina, member of the Committee, URI Cooperation Circle member and interpreter, was invited there too. There is a wonderful folk group in the village and we sometimes visit each other.

woman in a photo

Exhibition of folk art at our Big City Conference "Strong Family - Strong Country."

group photo

This is how our group celebrated Women's Day, 8th of March, 2015.


Rimma Kokoulina drawings: ANGEL, WHITE HORSE, HOLY VIRGIN, SWANS.