Euro-Asia CC

Sharing the richness of Siberian culture with the rest of the world
"Our purpose is to encourage people in the region to unite in the name of the common good and to promote interfaith cooperation between people of all races, cultures, social status. We also wish to share our Siberian heritage and in turn, learn about other nations."
Cultural, Earth Based, Indigenous, Spirituality
Altai Syok Teleut, Altai Syok Todosh, Altai Syok Tubalar, Altai White Shaman, Russian Kazaks, Russian Vedas, Theosophical, Zabaikalskiy Kazak
Number of Members
Novosibirsk-117, Russian Federation
Joined URI Network

Euro-Asia Cooperation Circle (CC) is located in Novosibirsk, Russia. This CC predominantly focuses on organizing events and symposiums around health and cultural traditions. Their events bring together Catholics, Baptists, Altai, and various Siberian traditions and actively aim to build bridges between different religions and traditions in this area. Euro-Asia is making a proactive effort to share the richness of Siberian cultures and traditions with the rest of the world. They are building strong bridges within their community, and on larger scale, between Europe and Asia.


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