Interfaith Library Outreach

23 January 2016, 5:34 PM

Recently, Lalitamba Mandiram Cooperation Circle members collaborated to design a world peace bookmark. The bookmark is printed with a peace poem and flower, inspired by the URI-UN CC and the United Nations peace garden. We hope that the bookmarks bring a moment of peace as might walking through a garden, awakening readers to the peace that already blooms in each of our hearts. 

The bookmarks are a part of the CC's library outreach project. Some years ago, the ashram began sending copies of Lalitamba magazine to prison inmates. Lalitamba is a journal of contemporary devotional literature, open to writings of all faiths. Thanks to the kind support of like-minded organizations, we soon thereafter began to send interfaith books. Aligned with prison security guidelines, all books are softcover. They are mailed with a personal note welcoming further correspondence. Inmates write to us mainly from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, sharing their experiences, insights, and questions.

We are thankful for the inspiration and support of the URI and look forward to growing together.