From Oral Tradition to Written Knowledge

13 May 2016

Indigenous communities have always shared their culture and knowledge orally, from elders to youth; from grandparents to grandchildren. Culture is in this way preserved and transmitted. 

In a world where communications have changed so much, young Indigenous leaders have discovered the need to write what they know so that this wisdom can pass from generation to generation, and, at the same time, can be shared with non-Indigenous communities.

Francisco Morales, primary contact of Comunidad Cosmica Cooperation Circle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is among these young indigenous leaders. His experience in URI has shown him the need to share what he has learned from observation and what he has discovered as an Indigenous sociologist.  

He has written two books: "¿Indianismo político o indigenismo?" and "El Estado Como Espacio Complementario de Organizacion de la Vida Social y Natural." The latter shares his vision of a state that learns how to organize society through the observation of nature. This book was translated into English ("The State as a Complementary Space for the Organization of Social Life and Nature") and published with the support of URI Latin America Regional Office. 

It was presented at the Book Fair in Buenos Aires in May 2016. The Government of the City accompanied this talented author, who respectfully introduced the audience to the richness of oral transmission through "Coplas" and his books. Also presented at the Book Fair was "El Orfebre Soñador" by fellow Cooperation Circle member Nicanor Gutiérrez.