Poem for World Environment Day

5 June 2017

Abhirup leads a large-scale tree planting effort in a polluted area with Palki Peace CC during 2017 World Interfaith Harmony Week. 

bhiurp Khan composes a poem in response to the following questions: How do you address environmental challenges in your community? and How do your values inform your environmental commitments? 



A forestation, Planting fast growing rain trees, fruit trees such as Mangrove, Jackfruit, Sweet lime and other local fruit trees extensive plantation to provide green cover.

Rain water harvesting teaching our Self Help Groups (SHG)s to harvest rainwater and to reserve run away water in rainy season to protect erosion of top soil.

Use of renewable energy, Biofuel from cattle and domestic animals.

Extensive use of solar power,

Solar cooker, Solar Submersible Pumps, Solar Hand Lamps insisting local provider to use solar panel for their electrical needs.

 Persuading local bodies to use  Aluminum or Plastic material for furnished & window/ door frame etc to save wood. 

Teaching school children to be respectful to the mother earth and all its creations.




Abhirup Khan is the Youth Coordinator for India, East Zone based in Kolkata, India. He's conducted many youth workshops for potential leaders collaborating with Palki Peace CC, indigenous teenagers, deaf & dumb teenagers & leprosy sufferers to teach them life skills and make them aware of climate change issues. Abhirup also leads seminars to create greater awareness among the women in rural villages on the benefit for harnessing renewable energy, specifically focusing on hands on solar panel instillation.